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Arhar Dal


Arhar Dal is a great alternative to get protein and fiber for those who are vegan and vegetarian. It helps in empowering your present health conditions, and if you are looking to gain some amount of weight, in that case, also it helps you. Our unpolished and premium Arhar Dal offers enhanced healthy fats, irons, fibers, and it also boosts energy. It also helps solve digestive problems, so if you are struggling with then buy it to add to your daily meal. It is also a better option for those who are facing the problem of high cholesterol because it controls the cholesterol level as well. We ensure hygiene and premium quality first. Only then do we offer to our customers. So, when you buy Arhar Dal from us, we deliver you specially designed and attractive packets. You get a consistent size of dry and premium chana grains. You can also get extra and incredible healthy nutrients that enhanced your blood and improved your sugar level. Besides this, it also helps resolve skin, hair, and nail problems by providing vital vitamins. With this chana, you can make various tasty dishes that your family loves to eat and get healthy nutrients..

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