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Masoor Dal


Masoor Dal is one of the healthiest dal, and Mamata Agro Veda takes this healthiest diest to the next level. It offers unpolished and high protein masoor whole grains with the ready-to-cook condition. None of the products, including Masoor pulse, meet up with water and undergo the polishing process. Also, every technique from manufacturing to packaging is done with complete hygiene. The multi-channel cleaning process ensures the minimal loss of healthy fibers and reduces all the impurities, so sure the quality. The well-structured and enhanced packaging keeps the Dal fresh and healthy. It is naturally red, and we do not add any artificial color to distract the customer. This Dal is also free from any artificial color and holds maximum natural ingredients. If you also want to taste and enjoy the most delicate quality Dal in your meal, then buy it now and use it as per your requirements. With Masoor Dal's help, you can maintain and lose some amount of your weight by adding this whole grain into your daily diet 

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