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Moong sabut


Moong Sabut is one of the preferable dal by households. It keeps its outer cover with an immense amount of protein and other relevant fiber. Mamata Agro Veda's Moong Sabut pulse is gluten-free, and it has enhanced taste because we have processed it to ensure its complete nutrients. It is an entirely vegetarian product and a great source of extra protein for vegans and vegetarians. Our pulses are superior in quality, so you will not have to spend time cleaning and cooking them. It also helps in weight loss because when you eat it, then you feel fuller throughout the day and do not opt for any other food. So, get these pulses for weight loss and feel results with fewer efforts. It also promotes lessening the risk of cardiac and vascular disease. Our Sabut Moong dal grains are consistent because all are in similar size. If you want to get higher health benefits that you may get in non-vegetarian foods, adding Moong grains will be a better choice as it offers everything you need to get in a Moong Dal. You will also not have to spend too much time cooking and cleaning because it is free from any impurities such as stones.


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