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Mamata Agro Veda provides the best-unpolished Rajma, which is one of the rich natural protein sources. Our pulses do not meet with polishing or underwater polishing techniques because of this process. It can see off some of the healthy substances. People love to have Rajama keep their current shape for a longer time without weight gain or loss. Therefore, we provide the highest quality and best Rajama on our platform at a discounted price. The packaging and product delivery shows our packaging and hygiene condition that we are following to provide a safe and best pulse for our customers. Our Dals are free from any polished steps, offer the best health effects, and also come to your pocket. Our hygienically packed Rajama does not have impurities, including small stones and weevils. You can keep our Rajama for a whole year, and it will remain in a usable condition without meeting with any damage. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you should have Rajmas provide your essential fiber and protein elements that you may get in non-vegetarian foods. When you cook, you will not feel any artificial taste that may arise if it is not passed. So, buy our finest and premium Rajma and enjoy it with your family with greater health benefits.


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