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Toor Dal


Toor dal is one of the favorite dal or pulses in India. On all sides of India, you will find this pulse in a variety of dishes. Whether it is Dal Tadka, Dal Gosht, or any Gujarati and south Indian dish, you will commonly find this pulse only. Mamata Agro Veda knows that this is one of the most common pulses; therefore, they offer it to you after a multilevel quality check. It is loaded with natural protein and fiber at the maximum level, which helps you to remain vigorous for a long time when you eat it. We do not use any polish or water polishing machine to give shine and reduce healthy ingredients. Also, we keep everything natural and present to our customers in easy cook standards. This dal is superior in quality, passes each quality standard, and can be stored for a longer time without any further issue. The best part of this dal is its natural fiber and proteins easily digest. It is healthy, natural, and free from any other taste that can negatively impact your health. Aside from other benefits, it also provides you the necessary amount of amino acids that help you grab complete protein.


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